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Want to work your way up the career ladder to be the next big thinker, or even run your own business? Our range of Business and Applied IT courses are for the money makers, the movers and shakers, the deal breakers, risk takers and highly skilled administrators!
Leeds is now the UK’s fastest growing city and classed as the UK’s biggest financial and business services centre outside of London, which means Leeds is the best place to learn.
Our Business & Applied IT faculty is focused on offering courses that cater to the needs of employers and enhance the skills offered to those going onto work in these industries. Within our business courses you will gain a broad understanding of key business elements and get to experience realistic workplace situations, activities and demands through projects and assignments.
Our Applied IT courses are aimed at giving you a broad understanding into the increasingly connected technological world. Our programmes ensure you will have the relevant skills at your fingertips to succeed in the dynamic world of IT– they provide a broad introduction to the key components of the industry.
Applied IT offers courses where you will use software packages within both an IT and business setting. Many of our courses include work experience and industry visits, providing an essential insight into day-to-day industries.
Whichever route you take, you can be sure of gaining the skills to help you succeed in the world of work.
You can search our courses or for bespoke or professional courses for those already in employment, please visit our employers section for further details.