Chapter 1 - Coming Out

**Chapter 1-Coming Out**
**Arjun's Pov**
I reached into my pocket and pulled out my phone, there was a text from Robert. The contact name is Robbie Dazzler, however, I think that's a really erotic name so I'll stick with Robert. The message says 'Hey honey bunny. Fancy a meal by the shore?  You can be the surfboard to my hasselhoff I sigh to myself. Doesn't he clearly know I'm NOT gay like gosh, doesn't he respect my hetero-ness??? I decide to message him back, I ask what time and where about.
Perhaps it would be quite interesting maybe just to see what it's like. Just to-No! Stop Arjun you don't like dick damn it.

*later on at Arjuns arrival

Walking across the sandy shore the grains penetrate the gaps between my toes. It makes me excited. I see in the distance a small, yet fabulous, figure wearing red heels and booty shorts, they hug his figure nicely. As I walk closer I see his nipples, that are peaking from within his denim jacket, are covered in glitter. My cheeks, of my face you dirty cunt, turn a bright red as if slapped by  a whip. I feel loved as his arms open and he beckoned me. We both began sprinting towards each other, arms stretched out. He isn't there, I ran past the bastard. I turn back and giggle, it sounds like teeheehee. "Arjun, don't laugh like that, your camp-o-meter is off the charts!" Rob says while swinging his hips. We then proceed to sit on the fur blanket. It somewhat resembles a tiger. I sit with my legs outstretched and Rob sits on my lap.
"So, you know I have a nick name, right?" Rob says while rubbing a strawberry up against my lips. I open my mouth to make way for the delicious berry, the younger places it in my mouth. The berry tastes sweet, I gaze up into his eyes, swallowing the fruit I nod. "Well, for a while now I've wanted to give you a nickname' I gulp and continue to stare up into his eyes. Robert began to move towards my neck. Faces flushed, I felt the younger's breath on my neck, it sent chills down my spine. His soft, moist tongue lapped my sensitive neck. " Robbie I moaned. I heard him chuckle slightly. He pushed me down onto the blanket and began grinding down on me. I lift my finger to my mouth to bite on it but Rob stops me and says, "Don't, I want to hear it all. Every noise, every moan, and every time you call my name" I throw my head back in pleasure and let the younger throw himself at me. It feels wrong, but ever so right. "B-but, I'm not gay!" I yell, flustered. "Don't say that babe" Rob began."But.." I trailed off, getting distracted by his face, the moon shone onto his ivory skin. My chest felt weird as he smiled at me. "Arjun... I love you more than words can say. When I look into those chocolate eyes shimmering up at me I can do nothing but say that is a lie,I know you love me." I feel a tear roll down my cheek. Robert's hand cupped my cheek and brushed away the tear. He lifted my face to his and went in for a kiss. At first I denied it with every bone in my being but the next one I gave in and loved every second. When he pulled away to catch his breath, our foreheads rested against each other. "I've decided your nickname, babe" he says "What is it?" I say, looking up at my love. "Gay bae" the rest of the night is filled with love. 
**End chapter one**