Chapter 3 - venturing to IKEA

**Chapter 3 - venturing to IKEA**

**Arjun’s POV**

Today me and Dazzlekins are going to IKEA, after we found out Robert is preggerz we just had to look for hard to construct swedish furniture!

“Good morning I say, looking into Roberts still sleepy eyes.

Bra Morgan Robert says, while thinking about meatballs, Swedish ones.

I smile and stand up, my bare body facing the outdoors, like the swedish. I feel robert wrap his arms around my waist and I feel the baby kicking.

According to the nurse, Robert will give birth to a demon baby. It will grow WAY faster than a human. Plus the is chance of having twins.

“Dazzie…”. I trail off , I then lay back on the bed.

“What ?” My pale skinned twink responded.

“Fetch me some coffee?”, He sighs and leaves the room.

Before I know it I can smell the aroma of coffee fill my body… Swedish coffee.

After guzzling down 10 litres of coffee crewed straugh from the strange village well we got into out pink jeep, as the beer’s cheap here we go to IKEA mother fuckers beep beep.

We arrive at IKEA and immediately I can smell the Swedish bargains, David Dickinson would be proud.

“Shall I grab us a trolley”, love rob says he's stood nice and tall in his maternity dress.

Yep I shout over to him

When he comes back we walk through the shop doors

There as far as the eyes can see is one piece of furniture after another.

I share A gentle smile with rob, honestly , I don't know house to about this whole demon baby thing, I may have seemed excited, but that was a whole chapter ago. Now I feel uneasy about it, the whole thing just feels… Wrong.

Obviously I still love Robert but… I don't know if I can love a demon child!

We continue to ponder and wonder around the large warehouse and then we come across… a fricken crib that looks like rattatararara? ©pokemon

This makes us happy so we buy it.

In the end there wasn't much wandering and more stuffing our faces with meatballs! We ate then while playing footsie under the table and rob actually pushed me off the chair, how competitive.

I felt someone watching us. He seemed to be wearing a pair of shades and as black morph suit so I urged rob to finish his balls and we can get out here!

*****End chapter 3*****