Chapter 2 - Day At The Clinic

**Chapter 2-A day at the clinic**

**Robert’s Pov**

Ever since that day at the beach, I've been scared.

I think I'm pregnant.

I know, it's impossible but i think I can feel it.

That night me and gay bae spent together was magical… but Arjun didn't use protection. I don't blame him, neither of us were prepared.

I picked up my phone from the nightstand and sighed, he hasn't responded to my 10.462° texts and I’m worried. I stand up and look in the mirror, could there really be a baby in there? I go on facebook and go on his profile, he hasn’t posted in awhile. I bet he’s with Thain, he ALWAYS is! Hmph, I decide to ring him again but leave a voicemail.

It says

“Um… gaybae, we have our appointment at the clinic today, are you coming? … Honestly, I’m quite nervous, I mean, I know it could be possible as I’ve been getting my period though my ass since I was 12 but I thought my ass womb would be defective but I’m not so sure anymore. Please, come gay bae.”

I decide to stop by his house to see if he’s home. The walk there is nerve wracking and every fibre in my being is telling to to go hide under my High School Musical™ bedsheets, but alas, I go forth. To calm my nerves I sang to myself ‘Bop to the Top’.

Just as I hit the high note, I arrived.

I look through the window to see Arjun and Thain feeding each other McDonalds ™ chips.  Arjun glances my way and drops the hot potato sticks on Thain’s lap.

I heard a high pitch squeal as I ran away, tears rolling like Adele in the deep.

“Come back, dazzie bear!” Arjun yells, still eating the cooked potato that lay soft and moist in his elegant mouth.

“Why?” I turn back.

“You don’t understand, you’ve got it all wrong!” He yells, shovelling the chips down his colossal throat hole.

“Explain to me, then!” I yell, clenching my fists,  tears forming in the corners of my eyes.

“So, Thain wanted some Ribena™  but no Aldi™ was about so we decided to check out McDonalds™ but they had none and by that point we have fed up so we got some McDonalds™ chips. This was not Mcdonalds™ chips and chill.”

I sigh and look down at the floor, tears are spilling over my plump cheeks (FACE CHEEKS GUYS!!!!!!)

“You always know how to get me worked up.” I say, a weak smile on my face.

We run towards each other for a soft embrace, making sure we don’t miss each other this time. When he holds me, I feel his soft hands wrap around my neck, almost like a sloth to a branch, and stroke the ends of my un-cut bowl cut.

“Let’s go to the clinic.” Arjun says, resembling a jolly old man.

********** Time skip**********

We arrive at the clinic and my is tummy filled with butterflies, not moths; they’re scary. Now that I think about it, it’s not so bad. I have my supportive boyfriend, Arjun, with me, afterall.

We go up the front desk and I can feel Arjun squeeze my hand, encouraging me to speak.

“H-Hello… we have an appointment…” I manage to say, overcome with cold sweats. I feel as if she’s staring into my deep, dark soul. I used to be an emo.

“May I please take your name?” She says, her voice sounds kind, I don't know why I was so worried. After we registered we took a seat and waited for our names to be called.

After a while the nurse came to get us. “Robert Prior?”

We stood up from our chairs and walked towards our future, one step at a time. The lady helped me up onto the bed and I lied down, then, was told to relax as a pool of sweat was dripping onto the clean floor, I apologised and took Arjun’s hand for support. Most of it was a blur to be honest but the one thing I do remember and will for the rest of my life is…

I’m pregnant.

*****End chapter 2*****